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Majora's Destination
Majora's Destination
Majora's Destination Moon
After playing through Majora's Mask after it's Virtual Console release, I made this stage that's based somewhat off the time travel from Night of the Final Day to Dawn of the First Day, accompanied by an apocalyptic color scheme. My first stage hack.
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Red Final Destiantion Al 090630 2131(1).bin.out Al 090630 2134.bin.out

Holy Sh*t its Dark here

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Floppiii None PAC

Tabuu Battlefield aka The Final Battle Clouds Stage
In the depths of Subspace, there is only one true master. There are enemies lurking beneath the cracks waiting and waiting. In the Final Stage, you only have one chance. Otherwise, your dead. The Final Stage plays tricks and showcases one of the world’s wonders. But you show fear. Nothing but fear. Crawling your way up but it only brings failure. Nothing but failure. This is the Final Stage.
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MilkaholicX Elite Smash Hackers, MeowMix PAC

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