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Hitler Mario
Hitler Mario
While a remote few people were pretty peeved that I made this, it had no intentions of making anyone angry. The fact that this was created was an attempt for playful joking.This texture took quite some time to make sure everything lined up just right - and it turned out well. He originally appeared on MeowMix.
Designer Team DOWNLOAD
Jack Harvest MeowMix PCS (1) (2) PAC CSP

Engineer (Team Fortress 2)
Mario + F.L.U.D.D. = Engineer + lvl.1 Sentry...?

Yes, the F.L.U.D.D. has sentry's colors. Available in Blu and Red.
Designer Team DOWNLOAD
Segab Kitty Corp. Blu PCS

Devil Mario
After Mario had a weird dream including being chased up by a lot of Boos he went , contolled by the Boos who possesed him, on a rampagne through the Mushroom Kingdom. The more Power Stars he gets, the more powerful the Boos become and less hope is left. Luigi tries everything to stop Devil Mario from destroying everything , but he hopes to save his brother. After the final battle when Luigi collapsed Mario absorbed the last Power Stars from possesed Toads and killed Luigi, after him Peach. Is he unbeatable now,with all the Power Stars?A tribute to Danie Sun´s Power Star series.
Designer Team DOWNLOAD
HyperGumba n/a PCS PAC CSP

Fixed Mario
Fixed Mario 2
This is part of my "Fixed" series. It's Mario with the same colors he had in the actual Mario series (these colors were eyedropped out of NSMB and Mario Party 8 artwork.
Designer Team DOWNLOAD

Flying Mario
Looks like Flying Mario has returned from Super Mario Galaxy. Too bad he lacks the ability to fly here.

This texture can be found in M&SG's Texture Pack. The Texture Pack download link can be found here.

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M&SG Kitty Corp. Download

Mario as Luigi
How often does Mario attempt to dress like his brother? Luigi sure has to be shocked.

This texture can be found in M&SG's Texture Pack. The Texture Pack download link can be found here.

Designer Team DOWNLOAD
M&SG Kitty Corp. Download

Spidermario (2)
With great power comes great responsibility... Mario never learned that after trying on Spiderman's costume. Now we have an impostor that can only shoot fireballs and not webs.
Designer Team DOWNLOAD
Stickman Power Nation PCS PAC CSP

Billy Mays
Billy Mays! 2
Hi, Billy Mays here with not 2, not 3, but 1 Mario texture for only $0.00 plus shipping and handling!
Designer Team DOWNLOAD

Phoenix Mario
Just a quick texture. With lots of win.

Why? Because this has an awesome video attached to it (.pac download in description). Check it out!

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RandomStuff123 none PCS Video CSP

Phoenix Mario² PhoenixMario
My own rendering of Phoenix Mario. He is a beast, no?
Designer Team DOWNLOAD
Gammastar Team Name PCS PAC CSP

Thanyou's Phoenix Mario
Hat Hand

I guess I'm a little late with this, but whatever, I think its bad-ass.

The designs of the wings on the hat, and the fire symbol on his hand were custom drawn by me *Pats own back*

And I apologize about the size of the pic, I didn't know any other way to show both pics in one place w/out taking up more space.

PS: I would've edited the knuckles on his hand, but it would've caused more trouble than it's worth

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thanyou Electronic Core PCS & PAC & CSP

Texture Name [150x150] IMAGE
Texture Explanation
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Designer Name Team Name PCS PAC CSP

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