Phoenix Mario 1

He is the one, the only...

Neutral B: Fury Flames
Instead of fireballs, Phoenix Mario throws pure flame that glides along the ground - he also throws them with a different style.

Watch it! They're headed your way!

Side B: Triple Kick - Flame Style
Phoenix Mario unleashes three rapid fire kicks. They're so fast, you can barely see them! The move can be chained for more kicks.

One... Two... Three!

Up B: Fiery Uppercut
Much like normal Mario, the fiery uppercut moves the same way, but the attack uses flames instead of coins.

Rising Flames!

Down B: Rising Inferno
As he slams his hand into the ground, pillars of flame rise before him to consume his enemies.

Yeowch! Where did that come from?

Almost all of Mario's attacks have been altered to a new style with his transformation to Phoenix Mario. The most unique of this is his side smash.

Side Smash: Flame Sabre

What does a guy do when he controls the flames? ...Make a sword made of freakin' flames of course!

Note: this is FINISHED

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