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Purpose of this page Edit

To present an easy-on-the-eyes glance of which .gct Gecko code files the Wiki has to offer. They can be used to scavenge individual codes or just find one to try out.

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When adding your own .gct, please insert the name of your .gct in the ".GCT Codeset" column. PLEASE KEEP THOSE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER! The "creator" & "team" columns need to match up with the name of the codeset.

.GCT Codeset Date Download .GCT Download .TXT Team (If Applicable)
  • Brawlplussery 4.1
blah blah no link yet Brawl+ Project
  • Brawlplussery 4.2
Brawl+ Project
  • Visual Brawl+
  • Basic Needs
3/15/11 Basic Needs.GCT Basic Needs.TXT