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Purpose of this page Edit

To present an easy-on-the-eyes glance of which texture effects are available for what characters. Clickable links are allowed in all columns except for the "Names of Textures Available" column.

Place all Pokemon within the Pokemon Trainer page.

Editing this page Edit

When adding your own texture effect, please insert the name of your texture in the "names of textures available" column. Please keep those in alphabetical order. The "creator" & "team" columns do not need to match up with the name of the texture, and only need to be added ONCE. It is simply there to show that a creator named so-and-so has created 1 or more textures within the [character name] section.

Character Name Names of Textures Available Creator Team (If Applicable)
Blue Falcon Punch alexjol Kitty Corp. Forums, Metal Militia
Dark Star Kirby entry alexjol Kitty Corp. Forums, Metal Militia
Triforce Link Gazoinks MeowMix
Hobbes thanyou Electronic Core