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How do I use all of these files that I'm finding on KC:MM and other hacking sites?[]

Depending of the file, you have to place it in a specific directory of an SD card (i.e: SDcard>private>wii>app>RSBE>pf>Fighter>Pit in order to use a texture or PSA made for Pit), then you can run it with an Ocarina supporting wii backup loader with the respective codes

What's an Ocarina Supporting Wii Backup Loader and How Do I Use It?[]

One commonly used backup loader is the Homebrew Channel. You can download it here. There are step-by-step instructions on how to install the Homebrew Channel and how to use it on the site.

But what codes do I use?[]

To apply many of the texture hacks available on KC:MM, you need to use the File Patch Code.

How do I make my own texture music, etc?[]

Please refer to our How-To's page.

Where can I find texture?[]

We suggest you try the following three locations: {C -The KittyCorp: MeowMix Gallery

-From individual creator's threads in the KittyCorp: MeowMix Forums.

-From the main homepage of KittyCorp: MeowMix.

Where can I find custom music made by others?[]

There is a huge list of converted custom music made by others in [Custom Music Hub].

An Example of Filenames and locations for typical Character Hacks?[]

Everything we have pertaining to file locations/names would be on this page.

Is there a way I can get BrawlBox to work on a Mac?[]

This area is in need of editing.

How can I convert the files in the .pac files to .obj so that I can edit them?[]

What do all of the file extensions mean, such as .pac and .pcs?[]

.pac and .pcs files are for characters. See this post for more information.

Wii Console Related Questions[]

Does my Wii need to be hardmodded to use these things?[]

No. Only Softmodded.

Unless you open you ISO in a program in WIIScrubber and replace the files you want then click "trim" to save you modded ISO, then burn and play like a normal backup (a dual layer dvd).

How do I softmod my Wii?[]

Please refer to our How-To's page.

What happens when Wii updates to Homebrew channel will it brick as the update disclaimer threatens?[]

Usually, hacks are not detected during a Wii System Update, but it is best to check with the creators of the hacks to see if they recommend or do not recommend updating your Wii.

What should I not do when i'm installing stuff for my Wii? Ive heard that your Wii can get bricked if you don't do the right thing.[]

This area is in need of editing.

Brawl Hacking Related Questions                       []

I installed ahack [Waluigi over Diddy] and everything works fine apart from the sounds. I did all the necessary steps [adding WALUIGI TIME.sawnd to the smashbros_sound file in sawndz etc.] and I believe everything is in the correct folder [the sounds file is in pf/sound] however Waluigi is completly mute and the music thats for his results screen doesnt work either. DoI need the file replacement code if using Riivolution? and if so can I find a pal version of it somewhere? 

Is it possible to load balanced brawl (or anyother hacked brawl [even textures] using usb? (Already have HBChannel etc)

I followed all the right instructions for my SD card, HomeBrew Channel & etc., but when i load the game on Gecko OS V.1.9, it's all good until it says DVD Read Error. (i am using an actual SSBB game disc). What is wrong?

It's known that hacking has a risk of "bricking" the Wii. If I use Dolphin to test the hacks, is it posible to damage my computer?? and a hack that works in Dolphin is safe for the Wii??[]

There is no reason why your computer would brick as well. Dolphin will possibly crash once and be able to be started again, no more than that. And for the second, it is unsure since that Dolphin is only a beta build but it was proven that some stuff could work in the Wii (for example: Textures, Models, Hacks etc..)

How do I get CSP's made by others into Brawlbox? The CSP's downloading aren't any file recognized by BrawlBox, it is simply .png images.[]

Open up "common5.pac" in pf/system in brawlbox, go to sc_selcharacter_en.pac click on one of the folders until you find your character that you want to replace. Right click the original and select replace. Browse the filesystem for the pic you want to use.

What folder name do I place custom stickers in? All I know is that the custom stickers are brres. folders...[]

Same as next question.

What folder name do I place item hacks in (NOT the pokeball or assist trophy hacks) it seems that the File Placing and Naming guide doesn't show it.[]

Simple. in your pf folder , you create an item folder. in this one you create a folder of your item name.

/pf/item/lugia/PknLugiaBrres.pac for lugia in pokeballs.

How do I put other stages (like the All-Star resting area or the Online Training stage) into regular stages? Is there hacks that can do that?[]

Of course. Simply acquire the stage file, and rename it to the stage you want to replace (and place the file in the appropriate folder). There are limitations for some stages, however, that take a little more tweaking to overcome.

Can I put brstms on any music track I want, or does it have to go into a specific one?[]

Sure you can. Just rename the brstm to an appropriate music track in SSBB that you wish to have it on. The File Placing and Naming Guide can show you the appropriate names brstms can go over.

How can I hack custom stage editors? Is it the same as hacking a regular stage?[]

Some parts yes but as for modeling the stage no, textures yes.

I installed a hack that works but sometimes the screen gets severly stuck and I can't do anything except turn off and on the Wii which takes an unbelievably long time to do. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?[]

Sure. Don't use the hack.

It's most likely a problem with the hack itself. It'll need to be fixed by the person who made it.

For some reason, my textures show up on regular brawls, but it only showed up once in the SSE. what am I doing wrong?[]

.pcs files are for regular brawl. .pac files are for SSE. If you want to see your textures in SSE, be sure to have the .pac files.

Is there a way to put the Alloys in CSS? If not, is someone looking for it?[]

Sure there is. There's already some hacks for it on Kitty Corp : Meow Mix: here, here, here, and here.

How do I know what specific CSS character an Alloy Fighter goes over? For example I'm going to download a Hack that goes over the Blue Alloy but how do I play as it in the regular brawls? Ive seen other people do it.[]

There really is no real way to do this, except maybe refer to the question above.

There IS some hacks that allow alloys to be in-game, but you'll have to find them yourself on KC:MM.

Where can I acquire BrawlBox?[]

Download it here. A newer version may be available.

How do I use Riivolution?[]

The official wiki should explain.

How do I install custom Fighter files?[]

All custom files need to go in a spectific directory, and be specifically named. Please refer to our File Placing and Naming Guide. After the files are correctly placed, apply the File Patch Code using a program like Gecko OS for changes to take place.

Where do I place results, coin launcher, etc. files?[]

You Place results in stage/melee

Where do I place Stage music files?[]

Please refer to our File Placing and Naming Guide.

How do I install custom Stage files?[]

Please refer to our File Placing and Naming Guide. After the files are correctly placed, apply the File Patch Code for changes to take place.

I downloaded Blah-Blah Custom Brawl pack and I put the texture and image file in Fighter-(Name of fighter) files but it will not change. Help!![]

After placing your correctly named custom files in the correct location, you must apply the File Patch Code for any changes to take place.

How do you delete characters, so they don't show up on character select screen?[]

You'll need a code for that. It's called CSS (character selection screen).

Where do you put texture effect hack files such as the Tabuu slash replacement, in order to get them to work in Brawl.?[]

You must rename the file, "Fit(character name)(costume number).pac" then it will work.

An example would be "FitIke02.pac".

Refer to our File Placing and Naming Guide as to where to put the file.

How Do I Change Brawl Portraits?[]

When using BrawlBox, open common5.pac, go to sc_selcharacter_en, then char_bust_tex_lz77. Then you'll see MiscData numbers 0-47. Choose the MiscData corresponding to your character ex. MiscData[0] contains portraits for Mario. Then go to texture. Inside you'll see MenSelchrFaceB. files with the character portraits. Right-click on the MenSelchrFaceB. file you want replace and click replace. Make sure the images you use are 128px by 160px (width by height) or else your Wii will freeze.

Can I mess up my game[]

Very Rarely, but yes, it can happen.

I've seen people apply textures, meaning costumes over other characters, but I've also seen characters, like Shadow, put into the game as separate characters. How do I do this?[]

To put a hacked "character" as selectable on the character select screen, you'll need CSPs (Character Select Portraits) for the character. After you have correctly made CSPs (it's complicated, refer to this video guide), you need to put them in the appropriate folder for the character whose CSP you want to replace.

Are hacked Characters & Stages permanently replaced?[]

This depends on the method. If you use the file patch code/riivolution, then removing the files from your storage device will return them to their original state. However if you patch an ISO then you will need a clean one to reset them.

I've seen some different versions of the Character Select screen. Can I move it around how I want, and if I can, how would I do it?[]

These modified Character Select Screens are abbreviated to CSS codes, and Stage Select Screens to SSS codes. I don't know how to edit them myself, but some CSS/SSS codes for you to use can be found in the BrawlVault. (link in next line)

-If you REALLY want to find out, ask ASF1nk on KC-MM. He makes lots of these custom CSS/SSS codes, and might tell you how to do it. His page of hacks --> link

Where do I place the CSS files?[]

If you followed the link above and looked around AT ALL, you would see a link to the user's guide. I'll get it for you. --> Guide

Can I disable individual hacks? For example, have texture hacks on Ike, but not on Marth?[]

Well yes, it goes by default a Fit(name)(number).pac/pcs is only to be on a single character.

Is there a step by step tutorial of how to install these brawl hacks? This whole idea is kind of overwhelming.[]

Here are the basic, dumbed-down steps for new hackers:

1. Do you have everything you need? (i.e. a Wii, a Brawl game CD, an SD card, a computer with internet, a brain, etc.)

2. Softmod your wii/set up an SD loader. In other words, install this. Follow the instructions they provide.

3. Set up the basic folder heirarchy on your SD card, for later convenience. There's specific directory examples in the File Placing and Naming Guide, so go and create those directories. If this confuses you, just skip to the next step.

4. Put the desired patch files in the proper locations on your SD card. These are the .pac/.pcs files. Refer to the guide in the previous step for proper naming/locations.

5. Make a .gct file containing the File Patch Code. The .gct maker is here. The code is here. Don't forget to put the .gct on your SD card after you make it if it isn't already.

6. Plug your SD in, launch the game via the Homebrew channel and head to the Homebrew Browser.

7. If it installs correctly, download Priiloader and Gecko OS or Riivolution. The Priiloader keeps your wii from getting bricked (via a button on the GameCube Controller) and Gecko OS and Riivolution reads brawl hacks and inserts them into SSBB automatically.

8. Turn the Wii off and on again. In the Homebrew channel you should see Gecko OS or Riivolution and Priiloader under the Homebrew Browser. Download whatever hack you like off of Brawl Vault onto your SD card, Enter Gecko OS or Riivolution, and click "Launch Game".

9. Choosing "Launch Game" off of Gecko OS or Riivolution should transfer you to SSBB if the hacks you entered are recognized. Choose your hacked character or other in SSBB, and enjoy!

Can I hack Brawl if I am using a USB loader instead of an actual disc? Where can I find how to do that?[]

What will be put in the same directories as with the File Patch Code? The .ISO? Please specify.[]

The .ISO is the entire game file that your Wii will read, IF you are hacking through ISO modding. If you modify your Brawl ISO, there is no need to use the File Patch Code. If you are loading your hacks from an SD card, you will need to put a .gct file containing the FPC somewhere where your loader can find it.

How do I edit code for Balanced Brawl?[]

Balanced Brawl appears to be a set of modifications/hacks that makes Brawl more "balanced". You should be able to add your modifications/hacks to those already done.

Here is a direct quote from the Balanced Brawl site:

How do I add custom item textures?

Want to use texture hacks with Balanced Brawl? Just add them to the SD card and they will work automatically. For texture hacks that conflict with BBrawl files, such as projectile texturetexture, you will need to use BrawlBox to add your texture to those files. Here is a video tutorial.

(Taken from site Aug. 17, 2010 from this page)

Can I add the Wifi Training room stage to the SSS?[]


I have a Zelda/Sheik/Samus/Zero Suit Samus texture but when I transform it disappears! How do I prevent this?[]


You Probably saved your pac incorrectly it's better to just save Zelda and Samus hacks as an Archive Pair instead of doing your pac and pcs separately.

(legend of jesse)'' Hey btw on this very note... im having this problem except my game just freezes when it changes... im pretty sure it is because of the .pac files. but in brawl box i took the .pcs file and did a "save as" and instead of saving as a .pcs file i saved it as a .pac file... so i know that the .pac and the .pcs files are exactly the same... and i made sure that both files are where they are supposed to go in the sd card... did i do something wrong?

(Answer to above) : The "export" or "save as" in Brawlbox do not correctly convert .pac to .pcs when saving one at a time. Under export there is a filetype option that is .pair, use it. It saves a correct .pcs and .pac file in the given location.

What is the difference between an imported character, PSA, and texture hack?[]

A PSA hack is when you change a character's attacks or movements. A texture hack is when you change a character's coloring. An "imported" character is an existing character model edited (change its shape) to look like the character you want. It may also have an edited moveset/textures.

Can I use these hacks with a backup of Brawl or have I to use its with the original game?[]

If you burn a new CD with your edits on it, you SHOULD use a "backup" copy of Brawl. If you're USB loading, you'll need to insert a game disk as well, preferably an original. A copy of Brawl burned onto a disk would work, in theory. However, the more things you change/aren't original, the more likely something will mess up/corrupt.

I placed everything in the common3_en.pac, but the item textures still won't show up!![]

Take off the _en part. Usually you have to delete that part of the file's name.

Can you be a little more specific about how to use hacks on a USB loader?[]

Refer to this. Setting it up on a USB drive is extremely similar to on a SD card.

Where do you place custom character sounds? For example, custom sounds for Mewtwo over Lucario?[]

You will first need to generate the BRSTM files and then place them in the appropriate folder. Refer to our guides on how to do so. As a last resort, you may want to ask this person.

Would there be a way to be able to have multiple character moveset hacks, one per costume? For example, 2 popular Ike hacks being the Naruto PSA and Cloud PSA, and I think it would be awesome to be able to have both loaded at the same time. Is this / would this be possible (In theory have 200+ different selectable characters)?[]

You can use the BrawlEx clone engine and clone the character you are trying to overwrite then put the files over the clone for one mod and put the filesfor the otherone over the original. The BrawlEx clone engine can be found with a simple google search and there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube to help you.

When I try to use my custom fighters, my Wii freezes on the stage selection, Everything is in the correct folders, so what am I doing wrong?[]

The problem is likely due to Stack Smash If you used the stack smash exploit to install homebrew, then you either need to delete the associated file (located in RSB_/st) or use a disable custom stages code if you have no other way to load homebrew.

Stack smash works by using a file that the game thinks is a custom stage.Whenever you try to load the stage select screen it also begins loading custom stages.Since the Stack Smash "Stage" has no actual data for a arena the game crashes trying to read it. Also make sure to delete any custom stages or replays you have on the SD card.

How do I get Shadow Kong V5 to work on brawl?[]

This really isn't a real question to ask, maybe you should listen to the instructions the creator of the hack provides on their download. Try asking this question to the creator if that doesn't work for you.

Shadow Kong V5 is a specific hack on KC:MM. It seems to have a lot of downloads so it must be working for most almost everyone.

I got all the files for the character to replace another character like fit[character name).pac do I put the fit[character name]##.pac or fit[character name]##.pcs with it or both to make it work on brawl?[]

Both is good. .pcs is for regular Brawl, and .pac is for in the SSE.

Is there any specific definitions for Brawl hacking so that I know what every word means?[]

Here is a Quick Dictionary for commonly used Brawl Hacking:

Character Import - A regular character that has been edited to look like a diffrent character. (ex. Sonic - Shadow)

PSA - A character with edited or completely different battle moves.

Texture - A character edited to change it's body color or special effects color.

Stack Smash - A key item that you must have in order to hack brawl. Stack Smash reads off of codes in your SD card when you're in the custom stages screen.

Freezing - Sometimes this happens alot when trying to hack. Your Wii's screen is stuck, and an error noise will ring.

Bricking - The worst that can happen to your Wii is when your Wii basically becomes a "Brick" meaning it loses it's purpose and will never work again.

Can I possibly change what color scheme a "One Slot" hack goes over?[]

You can do that, yes. Here's what you do:[]
See the hacking file and change the 2 numbers that are there (like Falco_00) to whatever you please, as long as it doesn't go over how many color schemes the character has. Then Choose that color scheme you picked on the CSS, play, and your done. []

If you want your hack to be able to play the SSE, change it to 00, which is the character's main color scheme.

Beware that some Wario and Jigglypuff one slot hacks can only be used on a specific color scheme.

I am working with a fox model in BrawlBox and trying to give fox a human head... Is this possible?.[]

It´s called a Vertex hack, you can look for tuturials for it.

you need to edit the model and make an other texture over it.

I've been running Gecko to load Phantom Wings' file patch code and replace files. Everything works fine for the first three matches, and then the game crashes at the chaarcter select screen. I've made sure that every .pac file has no compression, and that all .pcs files are compressed in LZ77. I've tried loading with and without my common5.pac and I get the same result. Can anyone help me with this?[]

I have successfully loaded my skins using your gct file in a USB loader, and can play a single match with them, but the game freezes when attempting to return to the character select screen. Any ideas?[]

Is there a way to expand FitCharacter.pac files without causing the Wii to freeze upon loading them?[]

I tried to play SSE but when after the cutscene with Mario and Kirby the game freezed what should I do to stop that?[]

How do i make a pcs file into a pac file?[]

option1: You can open your pcs with Brawlbox and then Edit/Export/.pair

This exports a correct version of .pcs and .pac, choosing .pcs or .pac directly does not correctly pack/unpack the file.

option2: a simple program called lz77 where you can drag and drop youre file

into it and save the .pac file in the same folder.

i´m sure you can dowload it somewhereif you look for it.

How do I use PhantomWing's Stage Expansion (or any Ocarina codes) with Drakemaster's Multiboot xml for Riivolution?[]

I recently got a hack that worked, but it seems that the texture of the character was all messed up and fuzzy looking and all the moves of the character seemed off (like the idle stand looks like it's laying down) is it the hack or the game that isn't working?[]

It's definitely the hack.... it's broken. Seems like you have problems with the character's skeleton. Try redownloading+reinstalling the hack if it comes from a reliable source; if not, then go to a reliable source from now on. Broken hacks can brick your wii. (More likely to just freeze though)

When I try to edit textures (lucario) I find their textures for their body but I can't find where to edit the projectile/aura. How do I edit projectiles?[]

How do i install and use priiloader?[]

Is there a way that let's a character have more than 6 textures in Brawl ?[]


Does anyone have a download link for lz77 that works? Last one I tried said "lz77 has stopped working" when I put in a Wario Pcs.[]

I'm trying to put Naruto over Game&Watch and I've correctly put all the files in their respective places, but when I start up a match and the countdown finishes, the game freezes. The model of Naruto loads and moves in place during the countdown, but freezes right before the announcer says "Go." Anyone know what might be causing this?

Can I please have a basic step-by-step on installing ( ) correctly? When I try it, his animations are SERIOUSLY screwed up. And, if possible, could I get a step-by-step on installing a Toon Link mod (The above Skull Kid) as a SEPARATE character? Thanks.