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To present an easy-on-the-eyes glance of which textures are available for what Stages. Clickable links are allowed in all columns except for the "Names of textures Available" column.

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Stage Image Stage Name Names of textures Available Creator Team (If Applicable)
75m 75m Duck Hunt, 75 M-R-E-O RandomStuff123, Kody910 None, Br4wlBreakers
Battlefield Battlefield Final Fantasy XIII Pulse, Melee Battlefield v.0.5

MilkaholicX, yoho97(Psyschock)

Elite Smash Hackers & MeowMix, The Smash Mentalists

Battleship Halberd Battleship Halberd
Big Blue Big Blue
Brinstar Brinstar
Castle Siege Castle Siege
Corneria Corneria Eladard Midnite•Shaymin Smash Enigmas
Unbenannt-1 Custom Stage Parts: Nature Blue Galaxy Stage parts, New Super Mario Bros. stage parts, Red Screen, Skyscraper Floppiii, STUFF2o, MXXD MeowMix
Unbenannt-2 Custom Stage Parts: Ruins Doomed Mushroom Kingdom HyperGumba n/a
Unbenannt-3 Custom Stage Parts: Factory Fire Field Stage Parts, Animaniacs Water Tower, Cosmic, USA Stage Parts Floppiii, MXXD, Midnite•Shaymin MeowMix, Smash Enigmas
Delfino Plaza Delfino Plaza Hellfino Plaza BP StackSmash
Distant Planet Distant Planet Minish Woods HH92 Smash Domain
Final Destination Final Destination Majora's Destination,

Red Final Destiantion, Tabuu Battlefield aka The Final Battle


Floppiii, MilkaholicX


None, Elite Smash Hackers & MeowMix

Flat Zone 2 Flat Zone 2 Classic Zelda, Rave & Watch HH92, Midnite•Shaymin Smash Domain, Smash Enigmas
Frigate Orpheon Frigate Orpheon
Green Greens Green Greens
Green Hill Zone Green Hill Zone Mushroom Kingdom Zone, Hydrocity Zone RandomStuff123, Midnite•Shaymin Smash Enigmas
Hanenbow Hanenbow Hanenbow recolored alexjol Kitty Corp. Forums, Metal Militia
Jungle Japes Jungle Japes
Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion Peach's Castle, Jack Harvest, MeowMix,
Lylat Cruise Lylat Cruise
Mario Bros. Mario Bros.
Mario Circuit Mario Circuit
Mushroomy Kingdom Mushroomy Kingdom Lineland Road (+ Bitlands for 1-2), Retro 1-2 Stickman, HH92 Power Nation, Smash Domain
New Pork City New Pork City
Norfair Norfair
Onett Onett
Pictochat Pictochat
Pokemon Stadium Pokemon Stadium 1
Pokemon Stadium 2 Pokemon Stadium 2
Port Town Aero Dive Port Town Aero Dive Dark W-T-F Port Town, Mute City Floppiii, Mochtroid127 none, Metal Militia
Rainbow Cruise Rainbow Cruise
Rumble Falls Rumble Falls
Shadow Moses Island Shadow Moses Island
Skyworld Skyworld
Smashville Smashville
Spear Pillar Spear Pillar
Subspace Sub-Space Stages Tabuu's Stage: Madness, alexjol Kitty Corp. Forums, Metal Militia
Temple Temple Ganon´s Castle Floppiii none
The Bridge of Eldin The Bridge of Eldin Darkworld Floppiii none
The Pirate Ship The Pirate Ship Ganon's Ship, Ghost Ship (Ghantom Hourglass), Richie's Boat Gigas_Deth, HH92, thanyou None, Smash Domain, Electronic Core
The Summit The Summit
WarioWare WarioWare
Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Island Awesome Dark World, Yoshi's Apocalypse Floppiii, picano None, KC-MM
Yoshi's Island 2 Yoshi's Island 2 Super Awesomes Island Floppiii None