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About me[]

I'm a texture hacker from Québec, am I'm in the Kitty Corp team. My "official" works can be found here.

I created the Smash Fortress project, where I created a texture hack that represents every 9 classes from Team Fortress 2, Red and Blu team, and little bonuses (items are coming soon).

My contributions[]

My mains[]

My Brawl Texture Setup[]

stolen from Jackharvest's page then edited, lol
(not finished yet)

Black cells are unused textures.
Bold names are my textures.
* is just for personal reference, don't ask.

Character textures

Default (00) Red (01) Green (02) Blue (03) Other (04) Other (05) Other (06)
Bowser Lapras
C. Falcon** Melee Falcon Captain Cannuck Captain Rainbow Captain Québec M. Bison Bo-Bobo
Diddy Kong* Striker Diddy Aipom Dixie Kong
DK** Funky Kong Dry DK
Falco* Dynablade Birdy Falco
Fox* Marcus McCloud 80's Storm Trooper
Game & Watch** MissingNo.
Ganondorf** Melee Ganondorf Magneto Mad World Black Shadow
Ice Climbers
Ike Roy
King Dedede Red TF2 Heavy Wart Blu TF2 Heavy Kamek
Kirby** Voltorb Awesome Face Lolo Majora's Mask White Bomberman
Link Fierce Diety Red TF2 Sniper Blu TF2 Sniper
Lucario** Mewtwo Deoxys Shiny Lucario Renamon Anubis
Lucas Fuel Kumatora Agent J
Luigi Striker Luigi Mr.L
Mario Striker Mario Blu TF2 Engineer Red TF2 Engineer
Marth Roy
Meta Knight** Galacta Knight Marx Soul Twinbee
Ness Red TF2 Scout Blu TF2 Scout Pokemon Trainer
Peach** Striker Peach Ashley Rosalina White Mage Striker Daisy
Pikachu** Raichu Ditto Pedobear Falconchu
Pikmin & Olimar Tingle
Pokemon Trainer* Ash Mother Trainer Metroid Trainer Mario Trainer Shiny Trainer
>>Squirtle* Starman Jr. Zeta Bowser Jr. Shiny Squirtle
>>Ivysaur* Krakensaur Kraid Fake Piranha Plant Shiny Venusaur
>>Charizard* Shadow Lugia Ultimate Chimera Ridley Fake Yoshi Shiny Charizard
R.O.B. Red TF2 Sentry Gun Blu TF2 Sentry Gun Omega
Samus** Other M Samus Red TF2 Pyro Vectorman Blu TF2 Pyro CelShaded Samus Portal Suit Samus
Sheik** SMAAAASH Sheik Spiderman Mummy Imp Midna Blue Cammy Cammy
Snake** Old Snake Red TF2 Demoman Kakashi Blu TF2 Demoman Mr. Ford Banana Camo
Sonic Shadow Metal Sonic
Toon Link Fierce Diety Adeleine Cooking Mama Geno
Wario (Warioware) Samurai Goroh DIY Wario
Wario (Overalls) Striker Wario Robotnik
Wolf Amaterasu
Yoshi Striker Yoshi Rex Boshi Black Yoshi Yoob
Zelda** SMAAAASH Sheik Red TF2 Medic Cleopatra Midna Sakura C. Viper
Zero Suit Samus** Faith (Mirror's Edge) Leela Justin Bailey Chell (Portal)

Stage textures

Stage name Texture name
Battleship Halberd
Big Blue
Castle Siege
Delfino Plaza
Distant Planet
Final Destination Giygas Final Destination
Flat Zone 2
Frigate Orpheon
Green Greens
Green Hill Zone
Jungle Japes
Luigi's Mansion
Lylat Cruise
Mario Bros.
Mario Circuit Rainbow Road
Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1 New Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroomy Kingdom 1-2 Bowser's Castle
New Pork City
Pokemon Stadium 1
Pokemon Stadium 2
Port Town Aero Dive
Rainbow Cruise
Rumble Falls
Shadow Moses Island
Spear Pillar
The Bridge of Eldin
The Pirate Ship
The Summit
Yoshi's Island
Yoshi's Island 2
Stage Parts: Nature
Stage Parts: Ruins
Stage Parts: Factory